Behind the name


Why Bayleaf Yoga? My name is Ashley Bailey and growing up Bayleaf was a family nickname. I've been called one or the other, Bailey or Bayleaf for as long as I can remember by friends and family.

I like the name Bayleaf because I feel it connects me to nature. I also like the idea that my personal journey in life and yoga is like a tree, growing and exploring in multifarious directions through roots, branches and leaves. 

Both my personal practice and my experience with my students enrich one another. By calling this shared journey with my students 'Bayleaf Yoga', I honour the connection with myself and my story, while giving both of us room to grow independently.


My yoga style


Ashley's style is rooted in traditional Hatha yoga. Classes include pranayama (breath work), meditation, asana (postures), and are layered with both yoga and modern philosophy to inspire your yoga practice beyond the mat.

Her intention is to cultivate a safe and empowering space, giving students freedom to explore and connect with their body, mind and deeper values. Ashley's approach is light hearted, friendly and inclusive.

She encourages students to develop their strength and integrity as well as ease and mindfulness in each posture and flow.

Ashley's background in the performing arts inspires her creative flows, with a focus on developing full body awareness and intuition. Taking into account the varied experience and ability of different bodies, she encourages students to explore and challenge themselves both physically and mentally, with self compassion, patience and dedication.


My journey to yoga


I began practicing yoga asana to supplement my dance and athletics practice, but it wasn't until I began to explore meditation and yoga philosophy that real transformation took place and a deeper relationship began. At a time in my life when I needed clarity and direction yoga both supported and empowered me.

I found a combination of practices that benefited me far beyond heightened body awareness, strength and flexibility; they brought mental clarity, self knowledge and a new-found joy to my life. I am particularly passionate about yoga for mental health and emotional wellbeing. After experiencing the healing and empowerment that yoga can bring first hand, I felt driven to teach and share the knowledge and tools with others.


200h Qualified Yoga Teacher | Hatha Vinyasa training with Heather Elton Yoga | Kathmandu, Nepal | 2018