It was such a pleasure to take yoga classes with Ashley, and in the serene setting of Argenton, it was the perfect practice to unwind and connect. Ashley is a down-to-earth, lovable yogini, with a warm energy and a kind heart. She has a soothing voice and a healing touch, and my experiences with her as a yoga teacher and friend have all been wonderful. I full-heartedly recommend yoga with Ashley, as she is truly an inspiration to be around.
— Julia Jenkins, Artist, New York
Those yoga classes were a blessing, my knees have never felt so good! You have definitely converted me to the benefits.

Practicing yoga with Ashley in Argenton Chateau was a rewarding, enjoyable and transforming experience.

As a beginner, older and with knee problems, Ashley was both patient and considerate to myself and all the members of our group and our various levels of ability. Ensuring we understood the correct positions of each move and assisting us, so that we gained the maximum benefit. I came away with a real appreciation of the practice, its benefits and a much improved knee!
— Julie Anne Davies, Artist, New Zealand
Ashley taught Yoga with care and compassion, always dedicated to her craft and helping others discover the benefits themselves. Her instruction was clear and catered to every experience level.
— Peter Söderbaum, Artist, Berlin

The yoga course was one of my first introductions to guided yoga and has left a lasting effect on my daily life outside of the class, in terms of breathing, awareness of my body, and most importantly the ability to focus and control my mind when I need to push forward (or slow it down). Your instruction was as clear as I could have hoped, describing where I should be stretching, and most appreciatively, how to use my inhale and exhale to guide the movements.

I would always look forward to the closing of each session when the body has been worked out and in a very malleable state; with the assist of your guidance, my mind was able to melt all my stress and distractions away as the perfect reset to continuing the week at Argenton. I feel there’s been an enhancement to the light and sensitivity to my surroundings since the lens of my mind got a squeaky clean wash during these practices.

Bringing clarity and stillness to one’s own thoughts definitely brings a clarity and patience to the art practice, as I could feel my mind move more softly and assuredly across the form and onto the paper. Even the physical workout has aided in the artists’ necessity to sit upright at the easel for long periods of time, especially when the great amount of focus required to draw/paint can bring about strain to the muscles being used.
— Cameron McCool, Artist, New York

When I first joined Ashley’s classes, I had already been wishing to take up yoga for the sake of bettering my mind, body, and art for years. I couldn’t have picked a better person to introduce me to the practice. She has an ability to give her students a learning experience that is, in equal measures, gentle and challenging. It is inspiring to see her dedication to her own betterment as a teacher: a common sight outside of class was Ashley reading and taking notes on books relevant to yoga, practicing asanas, and drawing up ideas for her an upcoming session.

Practicing yoga with Ashley, which I was lucky to do in the midst of training in draughtsmanship and oil painting, had a noticeable impact on my personal skill as an artist. Artwork can be mentally and physically draining, but yoga classes granted me newfound endurance and confidence to beat the states of despondency that sitting down to draw and paint for hours a day can bring. Learning to be more aware of my own body made me more aware of what was going on on the canvas in front of me.

Ashley’s classes are well planned out, her instruction is clear, and her adjustments are very helpful. I felt energised and confident walking away from every session. I hope for the chance to learn with her again soon.
— Richmond Jeffrey, Artist, Rhode Island