Frequently Asked Questions


+ I'm new to yoga, where do I start?

Great to hear that you are keen to practice yoga! We recommend joining one of our slow flow classes to start. These are on Fridays at Lesnes Abbey Lodge and on Saturdays at The Exchange Erith. You are still welcome to join our open level classes on Sundays at Lesnes Abbey Lodge and on Wednesdays at The Exchange Erith. These classes are adapted to the students who attend on the day. Depending on the level of the attendees you may be invited to try some more challenging postures, but you will be given options and variations to suit you.

+ How do I book and pay for a class?

Please book using our booking system on the class booking page on the website. You have the option of creating an account with us or booking class by class. If you are paying for a class you will be asked to enter your card details. Rest assured that these are safely stored. For further information about how we use your personal information, please see below.

Once you have booked a class successfully you will receive an email notification and email receipt for your purchase. Please note, we run our classes across two venues, one in Abbey Wood and one in Erith – so please make sure you check the location of the class on our website.

+ How do I cancel or reschedule a class I have already booked?

We understand that sometimes the unexpected happens. You can cancel or reschedule classes up to 2 hours before class is due to start. Please cancel your booking by logging into your account via the booking system on the website - entering the email address you booked with. Alternatively, you can click on the cancel/reschedule link in your confirmation email. We would really appreciate if you could do this yourself online – if you email we may not see your message in time. For any bookings cancelled within that time, your class credit will be refunded to your account.

+ Can I drop in to a class and and pay on the day?

You are very welcome to drop in and pay in cash on the day. However, please be aware that we run small group classes so drop in spaces may be limited and we have to give priority to people who booked and paid in advance online. If you are not booked in online we will always do our best to accommodate you but we can’t guarantee it.

+ I'm pregnant. Can I attend your classes?

Congratulations! Yoga can be a great support during and after pregnancy, for mum and baby. We don't currently offer specialised pre or post natal classes. However, in general it is possible to continue with your yoga practice in your second and third trimester depending on your experience and doctor's /midwife's advice.

I'm a seasoned yogi! If you have been attending classes regularly over the months prior to your pregnancy and your midwife/doctor has said it is ok for you, you are very welcome to join our classes. Please let your teacher know though as there are certain poses you will have to modify depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are. You are the best judge of what feels right and what you should avoid so, as always, listen to your body.

I'm new to yoga. If you are completely new to yoga, the general advice is not to take up a new exercise routine in your first trimester. After that, it is recommended that you join a specific pre-natal yoga class. As your body is undergoing constant changes and yoga is new to you, it could be difficult for you to judge what feels right and what doesn't. It is always better to be careful and you are very welcome to join us once you and baby are settled in.

After pregnancy Please make sure to ask your doctor before starting any new exercise, particularly ab work. The standard recommendation is to wait four to six weeks after a vaginal birth, and eight weeks after a cesarean birth. Again, please let your teacher know how long it has been since you gave birth as certain poses can be modified.

+ Should I tell you about my injury or health condition?

Absolutely! If you are practising with injuries or a health condition, follow the advice of your healthcare professional and if you are unsure please ask them before coming to class as we are not qualified to provide medical advice.

If you have injuries or health conditions and your doctor has given you the go ahead then by all means come and join us. Please make sure you talk to your teacher before class starts or contact us via email first as some poses should be avoided with certain conditions. With advance notice, your teacher can suggest modifications for you during the practice.

+ Is there parking at your venues?

There is no dedicated parking at the venues, however you can park on the streets nearby.

Lesnes Abbey Lodge If travelling by car, please use postcode DA17 5DH.

The Exchange Erith There is paid parking on Walnut Tree Road, or you can park for free at Morrisons for up to 3 hours.

+ Do I need to bring a mat? What else should I bring?

Yes, please bring your own mat. We do sometimes have one or two spare mats however these are first come first served.

+ What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. Sportswear including leggings, shorts, sports tops and loose fitting tops and trousers such as hareem pants are popular choices.

+ Do you teach private classes?

Yes, I do. Please visit the 'What I Offer' page for more details.

+ Do you teach corporate classes?

Yes, I do. Please visit the 'What I Offer' page for more details.

+ How do you collect and store my information?

Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy for more information about how we store personal information and the use of cookies on our website.