Private Yoga Classes

1-2-1 classes just for you, in a relaxed atmosphere, in a private setting. 

Whether you have specific health concerns or goals, or simply want to treat yourself, benefit from a bespoke class tailored to your body, experience and needs. Classes can be modelled around: supporting a specific life goal, strengthening and mobilising particular areas of your body, improving and maintaining mental and emotional wellbeing, deep relaxation and meditation.

Styles I teach: 
Vinyasa Flow - Flow, connect with your breath and break a sweat in this moving meditation.
Hatha - Traditional classical yoga including meditation, pranayama (breath work), asana (postures) and philosophy.
Restorative Yoga - Active rest and relaxation, nourishing and revitalising your body and mind.


Group Classes

Join our community at a local group class. Relax in a Restorative class, explore and deepen your Hatha practice or learn a Vinyasa Flow sequence.


Yoga For Artists

I work 1-2-1 and with groups of artists. Classes target common concerns stemming from sitting and standing at an easel all day, work related stress and creative blocks.

I worked with private art school Studio Escalier for five months on their painting and drawing courses, teaching yoga to their students.

Read what artists are saying about my classes here.

Corporate Classes

Does your company hold yoga classes or wellness days / events for employees? Would you like it to? I have a background in organising and running events and can work with you on your existing events or create one for you.



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