What is Karma Yoga?


“Peace is the foundation of yoga. Karma yoga is the effort for bringing peace and happiness in the world.” ― Amit Ray

Karma comes from the Sanskrit term meaning 'action' or 'deeds'. Karma Yoga is the path of action. When we act we often do so asking the question "how will this benefit me?" Karma yoga encourages us to let go of the results of our actions and to develop a practice of selfless service. Instead of acting with anticipation of the results or credit, simply acting for the joy of being able to act.

When we are able to transcend the cycle of cause and effect of our actions, we can free ourselves form the trappings of suffering because we no longer worry about what "should or shouldn't" be.

The small things

"Strengthen your heart muscles by removing the sufferings of others.” ― Amit Ray

In a culture where results are everything letting go of them can be difficult. It may be easier to start with the small things, small acts of service or kindness like making a cup of tea or lending an ear to a friend. Starting small you can also gradually let go of your attachment to receiving thanks or reciprocity. You can begin to let go of the ego and the identity your mind thinks you to be. Perhaps, when all expectations fade away you may discover a deeper sense of connection to your true, unchanging Self and to the underlying current that connects us all.

Karma Classes with Bayleaf Yoga

Karma classes are either classes discounted to make the practice more accessible to everyone and/or are organised to support a local charity or cause.

Your next karma meditation class will be this Sunday, May 5th 2019 at 8am, meeting at Lesnes Abbey Lodge.

Your meditation class will be free if you book that day's yoga class. To book your place on the meditation class just select the "Meditation" add-on when booking. Or, anyone can attend on a donation basis. Please just donate what you think the class is worth to my chosen charity "Bexley & Dartford Samaritans".